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Knowledgebase - Recharging your account


Help Topic: Recharging

Navigate to Recharge on the Account menu
On the recharge page, specify the sms volume you wish to purchase and click on the continue button
An Invoice page is generated.
To view a printable version of the invoice click the ‘View Printable version’ button
To return to the recharge page click on the ‘Return’ button
To Proceed to make payment click on the ‘Pay Invoice’ button

Clicking on the ‘Pay Invoice’ button will open BBN Checkout Window.

BBN offers two payment methods:

  1. Online Payment

Supports processing payment using any Nigerian bank issued interswitch supportive ATM card

  1. Bank Payment

Will show display our Intercontinental Bank account details so that you can make payment through bank.
See Bank details

After bank payment you are required to send your deposit slip number, depositor’s name and your BBN Id (your account email) to or via sms to 08050209037

View details on Online Payment in documentation preceeding.

How does bank payment work?

After payment to bank you are required to send your deposit slip number, Amount deposited, depositor's name and your BBN Id to

Click here for Bank details

How do I Recharge Online?

Navigate to the 'Recharge' link on Your Account Menu.

In the recharge screen, specify the volume of SMS you wish to purchase. Minimum volume is 50 units and the maximum volume you can purchase in a single transaction (for payments made via interswitch) is 5650 cr.  If you have issues with viewing this page please enable Javascript in your web- browser settings

After specifying required volume click the 'Continue »' button to generate transaction invoice.

The invoice contains summary of your transaction. You can print out the invoice for record or print the receipt which will be sent to your mailbox on completion of this transaction. Click on ‘Pay Invoice’ button to continue to proceed to BBN Checkout.

BBN Checkout window pops up showing transaction summary. You are also provided with Interswitch and Intercontinental bank payment options.
To Pay with your ‘Interswitch’ supportive debit card, select the Interswitch Radio button, To Pay to our Bank Account select the 'Intercontinental Bank' radio button
Just beneath the interswitch payment interface loads, please enter your debit card number, expiry date and PIN into the relevant field and click the ‘Pay’ button to proceed with payment.

Interswith will process your transaction and once completed, BBN Checkout will connect to Interswitch to query for the status of your transaction.
If payment was declined by interswitch, BBN Checkout will redirect you to the Recharge page where you will have to re-enter card information.
If payment is successful, within a few seconds BBN Checkout will instantly confirm your payment and your account will be recharged automatically. Click on the ‘Continue to BBN Service’ button to view transaction history.

What is the minimum volume of sms I can purchase ?

The minimum sms volume you can recharge is 50 sms units

Does my credit expire ?

No your BBN SMS credit never expires.

Can I transfer credit to another account ?

The Sender name field is the last field on your compose page. By default is will display your first name (Personal account) or Company Name (Business account).

How do I view online transaction history?

Navigate to 'Recharge History' on Your Account menu. On Recharge History screen locate and click the 'View online History' link.

How do I reprocess pending payments ?

Navigate to 'Recharge History' on Your Account menu. On Recharge History screen locate and click the 'View online History' link.
In 'Online History' screen locate pending transaction and click the retry button to reprocess.
Continue with steps 3 and 4 in 'How Do I Recharge?' Online section above.